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Paper Products

Our consumer hygiene products are designed for the whole family and every home. We offer a wide variety of products for various needs;

Cleaning Products

Cleaning agents are substances used to remove dirt from surfaces, including dust, stains, bad odors and mess.

Vehicle Care Products

We provide all the oils, fluids and lubricants the world needs for every drive and every industry.

Other products

We guarantee both your health and peace of mind with our environmentally friendly products.



We are predominantly 70% export company and 30% operating in the domestic market.

We export to Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Georgia, African Countries and Ukraine with approximately 15 countries.

We have been actively operating in the domestic market recently, we have dealerships in approximately 20 provinces.

As Nurlog, we have been exporting to Middle East and North African countries in this sector for more than 10+ years.

In Gaziantep, we provide support and employment for the country's economy by providing domestic and international sales with our products made of 100% cellulose, cleaning products and paper products, chemical products, and we are getting stronger by keeping up to date in our own sector and improving our products and production by following the world trends in this sector market.

  • TSE Approved
  • Healthy and Reliable

Our products do not cause allergic reactions that are healthy and do not harm health.