Since 2008, our company has managed to become one of the leading companies in the sector with its napkin, toilet paper, towel paper and detergent group in a short time with its principled working principles. In order to comply with the ever-changing market conditions and to respond to the demands of our valued customers, it has continuously expanded its product range, always kept the quality at the highest level and succeeded in launching the napkin products and detergent groups produced at the most affordable prices. Our company is certified and certified by ISO 9001: 2008. Our operating goal is to contribute to transforming our YUPPY, PEYDA, FULLPAK, MELLY, PAPYCLEAN brands in napkin and detergent products into usage habits at the highest standards by using advanced technology, to continue to produce services suitable for all purposes with investments in line with this goal, to expand our horizons with you and is not giving up the principle of honesty and friendly service that it does not give up time.

Our Mission

  • To use technological developments simultaneously.
  • To meet the needs of our customers at minimum cost but at the maximum level,
  • To enable the institutions we serve to focus on their own business areas,
  • With the awareness that our customers benefit is our own benefit, to provide them with added value, to produce services that will make people happy in line with the common goal adopted by our employees.

Our Vision

  • To be a company that produces knowledge,
  • İs sensitive to the environment, values ​​people,
  • Gives a positive impression in minds,
  • Attaches importance to ideas and is associated with a sense of trust,
  • Keeps service quality standards always open to improvement,
  • Has the ability to adapt to rapidly changing environmental conditions and to renew itself